October 17th 2019

And so today we reach the 24th anniversary of Joys horrific departure from this world.

Time goes on, but those of us who knew and loved her miss her more and more each day. We become ever more driven and determined to identify the person responsible.

All our lives have been deprived of the richness of her lovely presence in a million different ways over the years. 

Justice will obviously never bring her back to us here, but what peace we shall soon have in finally knowing what happened to her, and seeing her murderers face as finally he has nowhere to hide.

So as mentioned below, this is at last a reality appearing on the horizon. Also as mentioned below, thank you once again so so much for hanging in there with us. Joy was worth it, and would be so thankful to you all I know as indeed are her family. 💜💛 more than words can say. x


August 2019

Thank you to everyone who is still visiting this website. Your continued interest and support is so encouraging to Joy's family.

It may (understandably) have seemed that nothing has happened for a couple of years and that Joy may have been forgotten.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, and the mystery man that I have written to on this site should now be very afraid. The cowardice that he and his allies have demonstrated in not identifying themselves when encouraged to do so in my letter has simply heightened everyone's resolve to name him, and we WILL!

To say that 'the net is closing in' is no exaggeration as the investigation has reported very real progress with it's forensics and other work, and is still very much alive and moving fast!

October 17th this year will mark 24 years since this heinous crime, and we now have every confidence and faith that before we reach Joy's 25th anniversary next year we will have what we have all fought for for so long, justice at last for our lovely Joy!

Please hang in there with us as you have for so long. It's been a long and difficult fight but our persistence and patience will reward us in the forseeable future. 

I cannot put into words how much your continued support matters to us, Joy's family. Thank you so much.

Please also continue to pass on details of this website wherever you can. This is so appreciated, thank you.