A personal message from Penny to the person that ended Joy’s life, and their allies/accomplices

Dear Mystery Man (I’m pretty sure you’re a man, but if this isn’t the case I apologise for the gender usage throughout)


I’m calling you Mystery Man, but of course we may have met as you are someone who was known very well to Joy. Even if we haven’t met we may be aware of each other. You have the advantage here because my identity is clear, while yours is still a mystery.


As you’re visiting this website, it would be a relief for me to know that you haven’t forgotten Joy. Except of course I won’t know that you’re reading this. But then how could you ever forget Joy? I’m sure you would dearly love to, but your conscience won’t allow it.


I like to think that there is still some good in you because I believe that there is good in absolutely everyone, and you are no exception. It is that element of good in you that I am speaking to now.


So on that night you may have been coerced into getting involved with something that got out of hand or went wrong in some way. You may or may not have intended it to end as it did. You may even have been brainwashed into thinking that somehow you were doing something good or for a ‘higher cause’. Alternatively you may have quite simply lost your temper.


How you too must have suffered over the years carrying this awful knowledge around with you. I bet there have been times when you longed to admit what happened and craved the relief that this would bring. What stopped you? Do you have a strong team of ‘allies’ around you who have stopped you from coming forward? Do they talk you round into staying silent? Do they tell you how strong you are? Do they promise to protect you? If so, I have specific words for those people right now.


YOU, so called friends of my ‘Mystery Man’ are the most at fault here and must now bear the greatest responsibility. I feel actual revulsion for you, the friends and/or family of Mystery Man. How could you deprive this person of his peace of mind and heap 25 years of this hellish existence on him? How could you help him to further wreck his life, when if he had admitted his actions at the time, he would have 'done his time’ and been a free man again by now?  These are not the actions of people who care about him. He will be looking over his shoulder in fear until the day he dies unless he puts this monster down and admits the truth. Yes, he deprived us of a precious daughter, sister, auntie, cousin and friend, but YOU have condemned my devastated family to untold ongoing anguish, and deprived HIM of a life too. My appeal to you, allies (yes and any accomplices too) is to do Mystery Man the biggest favour of his life and support and encourage him to do the right thing at last and come forward and admit everything that happened. Or alternatively you come forward yourself/yourselves with the information because it’s time you allowed both him and all of us some peace.  You have now made him into a desperate victim too, and if you believe in an afterlife (as I do) then you will surely be taking him with you all to a very bad place. There is forgiveness, but only after public admission and personal repentance. Now is the time.


Yes, there will be consequences of course, and these will continue to worsen during any further delay. However I will do everything in my power to minimise the trauma of this admission out of sheer respect for honesty and the truth, and also because I know that this is how Mum and Dad would feel too.


Come on now, Mystery Man.. We’re all human beings trying to do our best on this earthly journey and we all make mistakes. Joy has gone and isn’t coming back, but even in the light of this awful fact, why cause ongoing anguish and grief to both Joy’s family and your own by continuing to hide? Enough is enough. Do you really want to take this secret to your grave on your way to hell?? I know you don't. 


Let’s finally allow integrity and truth to prevail.


Thank you for reading this, and next time we're in contact I hope I will be able to call you by your name.