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Joys Facebook Page is called 'Justice for Joy'. Updates on the appeal and the case will be posted on here as (and if) we get any!



As a general rule if you send us a message using the link below it will only be seen by us (with all the normal caveats about info we have to share....please therefore don't send anything that we have to show the police unless you are giving us permission to do if you know who murdered Joy- by all means please tell us- but obviously we'll mention that to someone!)


Heres a little more about us...

This page is run by Joys sister and nieces, updates are by Joys sister Penny.

Penny is a Nurse. She has campaigned tirelessly for years and years to get justice for her sister. Jo is a Doctor in South Wales and a mum. Helen is a qualified Addictions Counsellor currently in post as a Youth Worker, and also a mum. 

The photo here was taken just after we had been to New Scotland Yard in March 2015 and heard that the case had been reopened! Getting the case reopened was a huge step forward......but still a long way to go. L-R Penny, Jo and Helen