As a family we know no other families dealing with unsolved murders.

We know that the murder of a loved one is one of the hardest situations anyone can face. There are charities and help out there for families and friends of murder victims, some of which have proved useful to my grandparents and we are eternally grateful for their support.

There is a gap when you look for help around unsolved murders though. While sadly all families of murder victims go through the awful questions over how and why this happened, when a murder is unsolved you have the additional question of who. This presents a whole different set of worries and feelings of an ongoing threat.

Unsolved murders can't be that common (we hope they aren't!)

If you are affected by a murder at all please feel free to contact us, but particularly if you have been affected by a yet to be solved murder and want to speak to others in the same boat please please get in touch.

We don't have specific expertise to offer you at this time- just links to others in the same boat.


*image from the life of pi film