What happened.....


Joy died on the night of 17th October 1995. To be horribly honest about what we know happened.....she was sexually assaulted with a blunt object, strangled, stabbed multiple times and set on fire. Horrific eh! But the worst thing about it....she was in her own home, in her own bed. She had probably let her murderer in as there was no sign of forced entry (the only alternative is that she let someone in who then let the murderer in), and she nearly definitely knew them as they appear to have drunk coffee together before the murder. This person has never been found. Unless they have died, they are still wandering around free as a bird. As a family we know we probably know them.... What an awful weird thought.

Joy was the most careful woman in the world! She lived alone and she would NEVER allow anyone into her flat without talking to them on the intercom first to allow them into the building, then checking through her door spyhole before opening her front door- on the 6th floor of the building- and then she would STILL have the chain on.

So what the heck (was obviously thinking a different 4 letter word there) exactly happened??

Heres the story of the awful events of that night, as reported by the Metropolitan Police and BBC's crimewatch. Apologies for the horrible story you are about to read, and thank you in advanced for bearing with us.

Joys death

At 11:18pm on  October 17th 1995 the London Fire Brigade recieved a call from a (still) unknown caller reporting a fire at St Davids Court, Walthamstow. 'Theres a fire' said the caller, going on to name the road after checking with a passer by. The fire brigade responded.

When they reached Joys flat it became clear that Joy was already dead, and that it hadn't been the fire which killed her. It quickly became clear Joy had been sexually abused, stabbed, strangled and set on fire.

Earlier that day

On the day she was murdered, Joy had been volunteering at the London Healing Mission ('The Mission' remains a mystery to me. I still dont quite understand it. Some people who had been linked to the mission around this time allegedly had some very odd healing methods http://www.independent.co.uk/news/church-warning-on-risks-of-exorcism-1311154.html I am sure they also did lots of good stuff- helped out the homeless and lots of good work....but it wasnt an area of Joys life we knew much about) A colleague saw Joy leaving the mission at about 3:30pm.

Joys exact movements over the following 2 hours are not clear. However she did  visit a chemist near to her flat in St David’s Court, Wood Street at 5.50pm. She then arrived back at her flat at about 6pm.

After arriving home, Joy made several telephone calls throughout the evening. She called her brother who was not home, so she spoke to her nephew instead. This was at around 9.45pm. The last time anyone in her family heard from her. After chatting for a few minutes, Joy said she was soon going to bed.

By 11pm Joy would be either dead or close to death (reading this line literally makes me cry!)

What do we know?

There are more details in the crimewatch video, but the basics of what we actually know are:

-The young couple who lived below Joy  described how there were loud banging and scraping noises coming from Joy’s flat had disturbed them as they were going to bed (the sound of furniture being moved possibly) between 10.30pm and 11pm.

- there were 2 used coffee cups out (Joy always washed up!) Joy was in her bed in her nightie when she was killed, and there was no sign of forced entry. Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I cannot stress strongly enough that for many reasons she was absolutely not in a relationship with a man or would have taken one home. She probably knew her killer, and it was not a lover.

-There was a guy who entered the block of flats at about 10.30pm who hasnt been identified. Watch the crimewatch clip and see. Who is he? And was he the killer, there to help clear up after the killer or someone completely nothing to do with this murder.

-Someone was outside at 11.18 and rang the fire brigade! who were they??

Sounds like a confusing mess eh! But in a nutshell.....Joy was killed in her flat....in a block of flats with CCTV......in a bizarre way with what seems like her death being potentially from any of the things that happened to her and the others being some sort of cover up?.....and somehow, despite all this, we still dont know who it was!



Pennys thoughts

'Joy was a gentle Christian lady who cared about everyone and did not believe in exclusion or discrimination of anyone on any grounds. However, with no obvious motive for her murder, is it possible that she herself had become the subject of discrimination? Could aspects of her life have been at odds with some of the circles in which she moved, even socialised? Another possibility is that she may have been in possession of information of some sort which may have been perceived by some as a threat. At this stage, and all these years later, we must look at all possibilities and scenarios.

Since the person entering the flats at 22.31.44 has never been identified (despite repeated appeals for him to come forward to be eliminated from the enquiry) I have to ask whether he could have been let in by the killer to help with the lifting of heavy furniture to build the 2 fires. We know that the furniture was piled up at 2 different points before being lit.

It is vital to keep an open mind and not dismiss any possibilities at this point. It is equally important not to jump to any unsubstantiated conclusions.

If anyone reading this knows anything at all, however small or unrelated you think it might be, please please come forward and let us know. After all this time no information is insignificant, and anything however minor could help us know more about what happened to my sister.'