Joy Hewer was born in May 1943, during the second world war. She lived an awesome wonderful life, working as a primary school teacher, volunteering for the church and for a soup kitchen, being an awesome friend to pretty much everyone she came across and being central to our family, as a sister, daughter, aunt, cousin and friend.

In October 1995 all our lives changed forever, when Joy was brutally murdered in her own home. Her killer is yet to be brought to justice.

When we fought to reopen the case in 2015 we started to look at the support available for families of victims of unsolved murders. We couldn't find much at all. If Joy had come across a situation like that she would have done here we are, trying to do something.

These webpages (probably fairly poorly put together- apologies to anyone who knows anything about making webpages! Feel free to help us!!) outline key things we want people to know about Joys life, talk about some of the mystery surrounding her death, discuss how this has affected us as a family and provide contact details and ideas of how we might be able to do something toward setting up a network to help others in a similar position to ourselves.

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